While we do own tin mining concessions in Tanzania, we have consciously decided to begin our mining operations by partnering with local miners who have a proven record of resilience in the industry but whose own operations have been hindered by lack of sufficient investment capital and expertise. Local miners' experience and knowledge of the area is highly valuable as the mining sites have had very little documented exploration.

tanzaplus tin mine explorationTanzaplus' approach here presents a strategy for engaging resilient local miners. Instead of "buy them out" or ending their business operations in the way traditional mining corporations have conduct themselves, we have chosen to empower them to continue being an integral part of a the evolution of the industry.

In partnering with the local miners, we have invested in mining equipment such as excavators, wheel loaders and locally manufactured mineral ore separating equipment. Additionally Tanzaplus has invested in a reliable water supply for the washing and processing of tin mineral ore.

tanzaplus minerals open pit mining explorationOur intentions is to demonstrate to interested investors, that there is an economical way to invest in  small or medium-scale mining operations that optimizes the output of each mining site, along with generating highly attractive returns. Tanzaplus' strategy is to maintain ownership of the equipment provided, manage the daily operations; 1.e., benefication/ processing of tin ore, smelting and international sales of the tin ingots and tin solder produced. Our holistic engagement with operations ensures control of the production and thatappropriate business practices are followed.

tanzaplus minerals mineral ore seperation

tanzaplus minerals mineral ore seperation on tables