Tin Ore Processing & Smelting 

Tanzaplus' processing and smelting plant is fully equipped. The facility is strategically adjacent to the mining sites, with easy access to the main road to Bukoba and all major road connections  towards Kampala, Kigali and Dar-es-Salaam.

The facility is equipped with state of the art mineral ore processing equipment that will separate the mineral ores concentrates and prepare them for smelting at our facility, producing tin ingots with 99.9% Sn content, as well as tin solders and copper ingots. We are also equipped to smelt silver and gold. Tanzaplus' Research and Development department has also begun experiments geared towards producing various types of mineral agglomerates.

Tanzaplus Minerals is bound to become the number one Tin products in East Africa; Tin ore dealer, tin ingots and solder manufacturer in Tanzania. With our capability of processing and smelting tin ore with any tin (Sn %) content from all brokers or miners (with legal documentation under the Tanzanian Mining Regulation of 2010). Tanzaplus is in a key role of elevating the local East African Tin products industry. In a short time we have developed a network of local suppliers and have partnered with many to ensure a stable and growing supply of various mineral ores.

Our current operations include:

  • Tin Ingots for Sale in Tanzania: Ready product for local use or export from our facility in Kyerwa or Dar es salaam.
  • Tin Ore Processing in Tanzania: We can buy the tin ore from any registered tin ore brokers in Tanzania, process and smelt it.
  • Tin Ore Smelting in Tanzania: Capacity to produce 30 tons per month
  • Tin Ore Trading in Tanzania: We can buy any volume of tin ore from any registered tin ore Broker or miner in Tanzania.
  • Business Partnership in Tanzania: We can partner with individual, group,  and international companies for tin ore mining, processing and solder manufacturing  partnership in Tanzania and beyond.