TANZAPLUS MINERALS is an entrepreneurial venture in Tin Ore mining, processing, smelting and mineral ore trading. We are a young, innovative company determined to elevate the Tanzanian base metals industry by pursuing a business strategy aimed at producing a positive impact on the local communities with whom we interact, while implementing environmentally sustainable solutions in all aspects of our operations. Our business development strategy evolves around a core principle of continually empowering small-scale miners with education, technology and unique solutions that increase their production output, enhance safety in their operations and ensure they receive fair compensation for the mineral ore they produce.

Our strategy is designed to rapidly develop a scalable business model, that involves partnering with local miners, filling the gaps in their operations by providing equipment and organizational structures to that streamline their workflow while placing ourselves as reliable buyers of their mineral ore. Our continued efforts for excellence has resulted in Tanzaplus Minerals becoming the leading Tin Ore dealer and Tin ingots manufacturer in Tanzania. Improvements in our workflow and technology, mean we can  buy Tin Ore with any Tin content percentage, from any brokers with Legal License and documentation in accordance with Tanzanian Mining Regulation Act of 2010.

For high quality Tin ingots, Tin Ore processing,Tin Ore smelting,Tin Ore Trading and Tin Ore Mining partnership in Tanzania, please contact us for more information. We are the solution for any Tin Metal related business in Tanzania. Our current operations include:

  • Tin Ingots for Sale in Tanzania: Ready product for local use or export from our facilities in Kyerwa or Dar es salaam.
  • Tin Ore Processing in Tanzania: We are equipped to process and produce tin concentrate.
  • Tin Ore Smelting in Tanzania: Our current smelting capacity is 30 tons per month
  • Mineral Ore Trading in Tanzania: We buy Tin, Copper and Silver Ores from any registered Miners, Brokers or Dealers in Tanzania
  • Mining Partnership in Tanzania: We can partner with individual, group, international companies for Tin ore mining in Tanzania.
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